The Pentecostals of Honduras

"The Place Where Good Things Are Happening"

San Miguelito, Intibuca

Sis Mejia has a sister named Teresa. Teresa had moved from the mountains to our city of La Ceiba to finish her education. She worked as a maid for a next-door neighbor. Our kids began to witness to her and she finally received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name.

Upon graduating, she moved back to her hometown of San Miguelito. She began to witness to her four sisters and her parents.

Soon we heard that her sister, Wanda was to be married.

Walter and Wanda got married in June of 2010, and our family went to the mountains for the wedding.

At the reception, Teresa asked if I would preach, and I taught about the gospel and how to be saved.

Walter saw the truth, and within a few weeks, we baptized him and his wife, and another of Teresa's sisters, named Carmen.

Within a few months, Walter and Wanda, and Carmen had received the Holy Ghost and being so far from La Ceiba, I encouraged Walter to study our New Convert's course and began teaching it to his family and friends.

That was the birth of a new church.

Recently, we purchased a piece of property in the middle of San Miguelito and are believing God to provide for the construction of their facility!

Exciting days are ahead of the work of God in San Miguelito!