The Pentecostals of Honduras

"The Place Where Good Things Are Happening"

Children's Church in La Ceiba

Ever since the church was first established in the living room of the Schreckhise's home, The Pentecostals of La Ceiba (TPLC) has had a children's ministry. It started out as a 6-7 kids in the backyard, and grew from there. Kids came and went, as tends to happen many times. We were excited for those that were coming, yet TPLC felt like they hadn't quite tapped into God's plan for the Children's Ministry. 

In August of 2015, TPLC felt challenged by God to make some drastic changes. At the time, TPLC had Sunday School for kids from 9:00-10:00 with the regular worship starting at 10:00. After much pray and consideration, and a little bit of concern, the Sunday School was switched from Sunday to Saturday. 

Despite what felt like a leap into the unknown, and a few obstacles, TPLC has been blessed as God has put His blessing and approval on these changes. The first Saturday after the change, we had our normal group of around 12 kids. Within a couple of weeks, the number of children that were coming had doubled; and within another couple of week there were around 40 children and young people coming on Saturday. Before we knew it, we ran into a wonderful problem...we didn't have a way to transport all the kids that wanted to come! 

God has since provided TPLC with a large 45 passenger bus, a smaller 25 passenger bus, along with a 15 passenger van which TPLC had before switching over to Saturday. The number of children and young people that come on Saturday has grown to around 120 per week with our highest attendance record being 180. 

The two buses are only a few of the miracles God has performed for TPLC. God miraculously provided for a new roof over, as well as the restoration of, two sunday school rooms in the back of the church. He has provided every week for food that is served to the children and young people at the end of the class. TPLC has been amazed to see God come through again and again. 

TPLC has not only been amazed by the growth seen on Saturdays. We have seen parents, other family members, and friends begin to attend the regular worship services, and the local congregation has grown exponentially. God has filled many of these same people with the Holy Ghost, and many have been baptized. Children's church has been a key to evangelism here in La Ceiba. 

Our next goal and vision is to see kids begin to receive the Holy Ghost during classes on Saturday. God has poured out of his Spirit upon some of our kids during regular worship services throughout the week, and TPLC is grateful and excited to see it. However there are many of these kids that don't have the opportunity to come to those regular services. Help us pray that God will soon pour out of the Holy Ghost upon these children during Children's Church on Saturday. 

As of right now, our Children's Ministry is split into three different classes. The younger kids are split into two different groups according to age: 2-6 yrs and 7-11. The youth class is 12 years old and up.