The Pentecostals of Honduras

"The Place Where Good Things Are Happening"

Our Campground Facility

In February of 2011, God opened a door allowing us to purchase our own Campground Facility for the Pentecostals of Honduras. A newsletter was sent out telling of the Incredible Opportunity, as well as an appeal made to help us purchase the property. Four months later, we purchased the building with almost 4 acres for $45,000 (USD).

Behind the building is about 2.5 acres of orange trees. We have also discovered that the property has its own well! The more we see, the more we realize that God had His hand in that purchase! 

Since then, much cleaning and renovating has been done to the main building. The restored building has a kitchen, a large sanctuary, 9 large dorm rooms, and several restrooms. It has become the hub of all our national events such as: Bible School, Family Camp, Ladies Events, etc.

Thankfully, the work of God here in Honduras is constantly growing! We are praising God for the growth we see every day. Yet, as you may imagine, a problem has arisen. We are already seeing a need to expand the sanctuary (or perhaps build a new) . Please help us pray that God will provide in His own time and way!  

If you are interested in becoming involved with our Campground project, please let us know. 

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Below is a slideshow of our Campground Facility.