The Pentecostals of Honduras

"The Place Where Good Things Are Happening"

Meet the Ministry

~La Ceiba

In November of 2004, we arrived in La Ceiba with a burden to start a new work.

We found a home with a large living room, and began with just our family.

Several months later, we could no longer fit in our living room, and began to look for a larger place in which to have church. God led us to an empty Baptist church building, and they agreed to allow us to use it, rent free.

Finally, almost three years later, we purchased the building from them.

~ Olanchito

In January of 2008,  Bro. Adan Hernandez and his wife, Mirian, felt God leading them to the city of Olanchito.

Olanchito has never had a One-God, Apostolic church, and has a population of about 80,000.

God provided a rental property large enough to build this covered structure where services were held.  It has not been an easy road, but the first fruits have already been harvested!

Bro. and Sis. Hernandez have two daughters, Mariela and Jahel, and their first son, Adan Josias, was born in January of 2009. Their oldest daughter recently received the Holy Ghost in their living room!

A few months later, God opened another door in a community called Agricultor. Services are held under a large carport, and God has been at work there. Several have been baptized and have received the Holy Ghost recently!

Pray that God will continue to open doors in Olanchito and Agricultor, and that His Word would be confirmed with signs and wonders.

Bro. Hernandez and family feel that they are right where they need to be!

The Pentecostals of Olanchito are alive and well!

~ Tocoa

God's plan for Tocoa began several years ago.  Missionary Tim Thompson, met this young couple in Bro. Tim Copeland's church in Buford, Georgia.  As Bro. Thompson was delivering his burden for Honduras,  Bro. Selvin and Claudia Guevara felt a strong burden for their native country.  The Guevara family is originally from Tocoa, Honduras.

After service, Bro. Guevara requested that Bro. Thompson visit Tocoa and try to reach his parents and family members. 

Bro. Thompson visited them on various occasions, but soon realized that Tocoa was too far from San Pedro Sula to visit on a regular basis.

Several months later, the Brent Schreckhise family returned from the United States and resumed their work in La Ceiba.  Bro. Thompson felt to introduce Bro. Guevara's parents and family members to Bro. Schreckhise, and turned that contact over for him to "pursue" it.

Tocoa is only about 60 miles from La Ceiba, and soon regular services were established.  Bro. Selvin Guevara's parents and many of his family members began to "see" truth and soon were baptized.  Several began to receive the Holy Ghost as well, and the Pentecostals of Tocoa began to take shape.

Several months later, God saw fit to bring Bro. Selvin and Claudia Guevara, with their son, Moses, back to Honduras.

Since that time, they have been actively involved teaching Bible Studies, helping in the services, and heading up our Sunday School department.

Tocoa has a population of over 100,000 and is the commercial hub for the north-eastern part of our country.

We feel that to establish a solid church in Tocoa means to eventually effect an entire section of Honduras!

The church has grown significantly, and we are believing God for property and a church building in the near future!

Update****We now have property and have begun the construction of the church house.  Help us pray that we can obtain sufficient funds to complete this project!